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European cosmetic regulations become difficult and tougher each passing year.  We will accompany you through all the steps involved in placing your cosmetic products on the European market,  with expert regulatory support and software tools enabling you to sell your products in the 31 countries covered by the regulation.

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Cosmetic products need to have specific tests made in order to confirm their safety.

In our lab we can perform several testing protocols according to GLP standards, among which are microbiology, stability, challenge, SPF and UVA testing, water resistance, compatibility, patch, efficacy and preliminary testings, safety in use, claim support, effectiveness prooving, clinical studies, packaging approval etc.

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Free sales certificates (FSC) offer you the possibility to ensure your product’s credibility on the breakthrough to some markets, especially exporting into the third world countries. EU cosmetic companies exporting to third countries are often asked to provide a Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) as part as their export dossier. This certificate is a declaration attesting that the product intended to be imported is compliant with the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation and may therefore be freely sold across the EU. The EU Cosmetic Products Regulation came into force on 11 July 2013 and is a safety-based regulation. It regulates the production, labelling and import of cosmetic products; its main objective is the safeguarding of human health. Since many years Certificates of Free Sale provided by EU companies have been accepted by third countries. A CFS is also regarded as a “Certificate of Manufacture” or a “Health or “Safety Certificate by certain non-EU countries.

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