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Our main task is to guide you quickly and safely through the process of selling cosmetics in eu market.
Through years of experience, we have developed a system of values, norms and standards, which gives us an edge in finding innovative solutions for our business partners. Because we approach our work in a holistic, responsible and above all professional way, we are a trusted partner to clients from all over the world. With professionalism that goes beyond normal standards, integrity and a positive perspective, we inspire, courage and motivate them.

Continuous contact with industry and competent authorities enables us to gain insight into real problems and challenging situation our clients are faced with. Through professional education and training, it is easier to anticipate potential weaknesses and dangers, which enables us to offer our clients simple and effective solutions for faster market entry.

Experts in various fields with international references and passion for work, based on the documentation received, prepare a Cosmetic Product Safety Report. The laboratory team performs appropriate tests to ensure product safety, and a dedicated team reviews and prepares a proposal for the correct labelling on the product packaging. As the responsible person for you, we notify products to the CPNP and make sure that cosmetic product information is made available to the competent authorities and cooperate with them in the event of an inspection. However, if you want to take a step further in quality, safety, efficiency or address specific customer groups, we also arrange various internationally recognized certificates and certificates of compliance with different standards after reviewing requested documentation.

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